I'm Helen. I'm originally from England but have made New Zealand my home since 2003.

I completed a Bachelors in Fine Art many years ago but somehow I lost my confidence and painting got lost along the way.  In 2015 I moved out of the city centre to live amongst the trees of West Auckland and created some paintings to brighten up our new home. I realised how much I'd missed the process of creating and didn't want to stop - I have converted a corner of our spare room into a very messy painting studio so that I can easily pop in and out. I'm so happy to be rediscovering my love of painting at this stage of my life and am delighted when my art finds a place in someone's home.

Over the last couple of years I have  begun to take on painting commissions, enter local art shows and have sold artwork direct to buyers nationally and internationally. 




I’ve always been drawn to colour and this is the main thing that keeps me excited about painting.

 I make lots of small studies and am always noticing for colours combinations around me that I want to include in my experiments. I often have an idea of a colour palette when I begin a larger painting but I rely on intuition for how the painting develops and I like the freedom to respond to happy accidents.When I’m painting I feel I am completely in the moment and I lose track of time, one mark responding to another as I paint.

I like to work on a number of paintings at once, some on paper, some on canvas, which means I don't have to stop when I'm waiting for a layer to dry.

I try to incorporate contrast in my work. I do this by using different sizes of brushstrokes, different thicknesses of paint. I use many layers to build up the final piece, often showing glimpses of the layers underneath. I am fascinated by the shapes found in nature and the contrast between organic shapes and the more geometric.

 I find myself trying to create a painting that has a balance between these different elements and I think that's how I know when a painting is finished. 


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