ART ON RECORD - Exhibition

I was happy to be asked to take part in this as part of New Zealand music month.

Each artist creates a 12” square artwork which is the imaginary cover for your favourite NZ album.

Actually, not growing up here, I tend to listen to British or North American music mainly but I knew as soon as I read the email that I’d choose

“ Future me hate me “ by The Beths ,as it was an album I’d recently fallen in love with

It came out in 2018 but it sounds like the kind of guitar pop I first started listening to in my late teens, so in some ways, it’s nothing new but it’s done so well. It’s catchy, energetic guitar pop, with  harmonies and great drumming, they get this kind of music just right.

I was driving home from work one day and  a song came on from this album and and transformed my mood completely. I got out of the car feeling positive and hopeful like there were a million possibilities  in front of me. I wanted to learn all the lyrics so I could keep singing along as it played in my head.


When it came to creating the 12 x 12 image I started to overthink it, and everything  came out too controlled and nothing looked right. I’m not a graphic designer, I don’t know what would work on a record cover.

I knew i wanted something playful and light, but with some darkness too, like the songs I thought.

In the end  I decided to paint as I played the album on repeat. I didn’t think too much and painted on about 4 paintings all at once because I was worried I’d mess  up. The one that stood out is the one that I painted on board. I’d forgotten how much I loved painting on board and plan to do more. So this experience has already been worth it as it’s lead to something else .


“ Future me hates me”