This is a project started by Elle Luna on Instagram where people aim to do something for 100 days and post online. It could be anything - write a poem, a drawing, some lettering.

I  decided to complete a page in my sketchbook everyday. I wanted to have a moment of creativity everyday for 100 days and see the effect that has.

The plan was to select a maximum of three colours and to just play for 10, 15 minutes. I wanted to work out which colours worked well together. As well,  I hoped that by getting my brushes out, that 15 mins would turn into more painting time and lead to me working on other things.


Since starting this project, I’ve found that I’m thinking about what I want to do in my my sketchbook during the day, even if it’s just something as simple as “ the colour yellow” . It has kept me feeling focussed on my creative side , even on those days when the day is full of work and domestic tasks, I have that moment waiting for me.

I started off really well, going into the studio and setting out my paints, but then I had a few busy days - my child with a broken finger , then a cat with an injured leg , and I ended up leaving it until 11.30  at night, using my daughter’s crayons in the lounge. I didn’t stick to the maximum 3 colours rule I had imposed, but that’s ok, rules are meant to be broken sometimes. That was ok, at least I completed the page. Then, we had the Easter break and I actually forgot all about it for 4 days. So, I’m planning to play catch up to make it to day 22.

I think one issue is that I was taking a long time on these sketchbook pages, making them like layered paintings, when I really just wanted them to be colour studies. I predict the next few pages are going to be more simplistic.  I’m determined to get back on this as I really don’t like to give up on things.